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It's just not enough to have a website anymore.  There are 100 million websites currently on the Internet and the key to your website's success is attracting clients to yours.

Advertising is the critical element in bringing new clients to your firm's practice and website, and wading through the litany of online advertising options can be daunting.  EasyLawSite offers a simplified approach to online advertising, promotion, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

First, we build all custom sites to conform to the strict standards set forth by the key search engines.  While there are still companies promoting "magic bullet" solutions in order to rank higher on search engines, it is important to note that these results are usually short-term and hold extreme ramifications - including possible lifetime bans for websites that employ these gimmicks.

Website Marketing: Top search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL) - Your clients are finding Lawyers in your area by searching onlineSecondly, in addition to adding your website to the large search engines (i.e.: Google, AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, etc.), we will submit your website to directories, lesser known search engines and law related websites.   This technique will encourage higher "Page Rank" scores - a measure of a website's popularity.  Over 70% of all Internet activity starts with either a search engine or directory so it is important to get the greatest coverage.

Online advertising is the third crucial element in promoting your site and there are a variety of advertising options out there.  The best measurable method on the Internet today is the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model, first made popular by Google. As the model suggests, you pay only when a client is directed to (visits) your site.  The flexibility of this model is great for small to large firms where you set the daily budget you are willing to spend to attract new clients.

Lastly, and usually the one most forgotten; promote your firm's website address in everything you traditionally do in your business.  Some examples would include:

  • Mentioning your website address and features on your voice mail and "night operator" recordings.
  • Include your website address in other media advertisements including radio, television, outdoor, and print.
  • Email your current clients about your website and how they can use it as a valuable resource for all their legal needs.  This will also increase your referral business. 
  • Include your website address on printed office stationary including invoices, purchase orders, business cards, letterhead, brochures, pens, etc.

Our team is qualified to manage and guide your online promotion to increase your bottom line.  Targeted campaigns can be developed for your firm with minimal initial investment.  Our experience with online marketing and the focus we have on the legal profession make online marketing easy!

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How to increase your site's traffic

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
Google, MSN and Yahoo! are the most popular search engines on the Internet today.  All three offer pay per click (PPC) advertising to drive clients to your website.  The key to PPC advertising is to target your potential clients through the use of select keywords that you think your clients will use when looking for legal services like yours.

EasyLawSite will manage your PPC advertising using our keyword selection services and provide proven strategies through the ad creation process.  By employing our experience and techniques, we can target clients that are in real need of your services and reduce the number of "surfers" to your website.

EasyLawSite will submit your website to select consumer-based directories and legal websites to increase your overall "broad-based" online exposure.  As a result, your website will not only experience increased traffic but its ranking will be expected to increase.

Not surprisingly, but commonly overlooked, the actual content on your website affects the overall "value" it has to search engines.   Today's search engines read your website's content and place relevance of the content in it's search results to consumers.  That means, the more articles and information you can put on your website to help consumers make decisions or inform them, the more your opportunity to rate higher in the free search results will increase.

EasyLawSite will guide you through the process of gathering this content and can provide custom copywriting services for your website.

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