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Getting a website couldn't be easier!

EasyLawSite's Website Packages are the easiest way to get your firm online.  Three different packages, The Starter, The Professional, and The Ultimate, are designed to fit the needs of the small to medium-sized law firm. (View Website Package Details).  Various different designs and styles are available for each and we simplify the process for you by guiding you through the design process.  As always, the design and scope of your website is limited only by imagination.  A custom designed EasyLawSite project will realize that imagination.

Low cost website packages are designed to satisfying small to medium-sized firms and fit the your needs of your business today. As your firm grows, additional features can be added at any time eliminating the need to be "locked in" to a particular design or set of features.

Easy to update
Whether you choose to update your website yourself or have us do it for you, EasyLawSite is built on a robust technology that enables efficient content management to ensure your website is kept current.

Common Questions about EasyLawSite

How does it work?
Simply select the package and design that meets the requirements of your firm and we will take over from there.  Our team will consult with you to gather the appropriate information for your website and manage the entire process of the design and its deployment to the Internet.  If you are ready to get started, click here.

What work do I have to do?
Very little. Our Website Packages are not "Do It Yourself" websites.  We will still build the website from scratch for you.  This way we can ensure your website is constructed to meet the requirements of your firm and conform to the technical specifications required by search engines - increasing your visibility to Google, AOL, MSN and Yahoo! All we ask of you is to provide us some information about your firm and the message you want to present.

If you would like to do the work and build your own website (or you already have a website), we have some low cost solutions for building and managing websites on your own.  View Internet Services.

Am I locked into a package?
No. You can upgrade your website at any time.  As your online business grows, you may want to add new features to your website.   Most websites are based on our LawCMS platform which allows for content and feature adjustments along the way.

Can I Customize a Package?
Yes.  You can request custom layout and graphics for your website.  Additionally, we provide professional copywriting services to construct the right message to your clients.

We also provide Custom Website Design - these are websites built from the ground up with a custom look and set of features that you define. 

How Much?
Pretty cheap.  You will be charged a small design fee to get your website built and then a nominal monthly fee to host and manage your website.  Starting at only $99 your firm can get online and grow from there.  View Website Packages and Pricing.

Why EasyLawSite?
We have the experience and know-how to increase your law firm's online revenue and steer new clients to your practice.  EasyLawSite is focused on building and supporting websites for attorneys and law firms - that's all we do.  Our team understands the competitve nature of your business and has the ability to construct the right online presence for your firm.  

Presenting the right message is only half the battle.  EasyLawSite ensures that the right people are seeing your message with appropriate Online Marketing campaigns that we manage for you. 

We support you and your website with our in-house staff which means when you need changes or rush projects, we are fully capable of delivering in a timely manner.

Do you have a referral program?
Yes.  The majority of our business is based on referrals from lawyers.  For each website that we build for a customer that you refer, we will waive one month's hosting fee on your account.  We really appreciate the business you bring to us and look forward to providing to your colleagues the same level of service that we provide to you.  Be sure to tell your colleagues to mention your name when they sign up for our service.

Do you have any other questions?
Call us at (403) 257-7804 or use our Contact Form.

Feature Design: The Supreme

Websites for Lawyers: The Supreme tempate design
Patriotically Correct! The Supreme comes in a variety of color styles including: blue, green, orange, red and full color (shown here)

Feature Design: Top Attorney

Template website design: Top Attorney

What's Included?

Each Website Package Includes:

  • Complete Website Design and Construction - We will build the website for you to include information about your firm. 
  • Website Hosting - We will place your website on our servers as to be visible to users of the Internet.
  • Free Domain Name - This is the website "address", or URL, that clients will use to view your website (
  • Email - Along with your domain name, you will receive a number of email accounts at this domain. (Additional accounts can be purchased at a nominal fee). 
    For example,
  • Website Maintenance - Generally, if a website is built correctly the first time it doesn't require much maintenance.  However, we monitor each site on a daily basis to ensure all links, graphics and content is correct and up to date.
  • Website Statistics - Detailed information on how your website is performing as well as how clients are finding your website and using it.
  • Search Engine Registration - Your website will be submitted (listed) on the most common search engines plus select law specific websites.  Additional "Online Marketing" is available to increase your overall visibility on the Internet.
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