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Creating Unique Experiences

At EasyLawSite, we pride ourselves on designing Custom Websites that effectively present and promote your law firm to new and existing clients.  Our designs are visually appealing and incorporate intuitive navigation using the most robust technologies available today.  We also offer a selection of "pre-built" designs.  See our Website Packages. - Custom Website Design by EasyLawSiteEasyLawSite's custom website designs are based on our CUE philosophy, or Creating Unique Experiences.  The competitive nature of your business requires an equally competitive advantage online.  Internet visitors have a tendency to be fickle and unless the first impression is a good one, both visually and functionally, your opportunity can be lost in seconds. Our objective with your custom website is to engage prospective clients and direct them to the services of your firm.

For every dollar invested promoting my firm online, I receive ten times back in new business. has delivered an outstanding website that attracts new clients to my firm's DUI practice

Behind the scenes, we ensure all websites are constructed to be fast-loading, to conform to progressive content standards and to present pages that are pleasing to the eye.  "Best in class" hosting, email, and website statistics are always included with a custom website; however, if you have the infrastructure already in place we can accomodate the deployment of your website to your systems.

We make it easy for you to have a professionally designed website for your law firm. We consult with you to build a website with the right design to fit your style. During the design process you will be able to view your website as it is constructed, ensuring the look and message is what you envisioned.

A superior level of service is included with each website we custom build.  Our team will manage you through the design process, website launch, and all post launch services including content updates and online promotion.

Not sure if you need a custom website?  EasyLawSite offers a Free Website Consultation to see how a custom design will fit both your budget and needs.
Just starting out?

5 Tips for your first successful website

1. Don't let your first website get out of hand
It's a natural tendancy to try to realize your complete vision when constructing your first website.  Don't!

Build; then revise. Make sure the information you present is correct and then build from that as your online practice grows.

Plus, it's cheaper.
2. Look Competent, Not Comical
When thinking about the look of your website, a conservative approach is the best.  Don't get caught up in blinking graphics or rainbow text because they are neat effects. 

In many cases, this is your first impression to a potential client and it is best to present your firm in a professional manner.  We have a variety of templates to get you started and will guide you through the design process.
3. It Won't Happen Overnight
A website creates an opportunity.  Don't expect new clients to be knocking down your door when your website goes live.  Be patient and adjust your message based on feedback from clients, colleagues, and friends.  Over time, and through an appropriate online maketing campaign, your website's visibility will increase and so will your return on investment (many times over).

One in a million websites are run away successes, but millions of websites are successful.
4. Get a Professional
If you have a nephew who can build a website for you, check his credentials.  While there are programs and tools available to the general public to build websites, it is experience and know-how that will guide you to online success.

EasyLawSite has the online expertise to deliver quality website products, but just as importantly, we will be here to update, manage and guide your firm's online success into the future.
5. Promote, Promote, Promote
Advertising isn't the only way to get your message out (though it is a very important component).  Direct clients to your website in everything you do, from your voice mail message to your stationary.  Make sure people know your firm is online.  See our Online Marketing Section.
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